Book a course of treatments

By booking a course of reflexology sessions you are really prioritising your health and well-being.


In consultation with Anna you can choose how far apart to space your treatments. Most people opt to have a cluster of appointments close together, either weekly or fortnightly to begin with. This helps the body to adjust to treatments more quickly resulting in symptom pattern change. Once Anna and the client feel their symptoms have improved significantly, then moving to a "maintenance" session every three, four or six weeks is common practice.  


Not only that, booking a course of treatments is the most cost effective way of receiving regular reflexology.


Treatments can be bought in courses of 3 or 6 and must be paid for in advance. 

3 reflexology sessions - £135 save £15

6 reflexology sessions for the price of 5 - £250 save £50

All courses must be used within a 12 month period.*

*Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and disruption to opening times, extensions to courses is being offered. Please discuss with Anna.