Reflexology is a holistic therapy, which means it aims to help the body, mind and spirit. To this end I try to share information and advice on common health and well being topics. On this page you will find details about my newsletter, called 'It's Not Just About Feet'. You can subscribe and read past issues by clicking the links below. I also occasionally post short hand reflexology demonstrations for you to try yourself. 
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It's Not Just About Feet!

'It's not just about feet' is my newsletter to keep you updated on all things Verulam Reflexology, as well as share information with you on a range of health and well-being issues that I hope you will find beneficial. If you'd like to receive a copy straight to your inbox then please subscribe. Please click on the links below to read past issues.


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Here you can view past issues as well as the latest edition of my newsletter, It's Not Just About Feet.

Hand reflexology

When clients come for a reflexology treatment I will often give them some hand reflexology homework. Depending on the health issues they have, I will show them some quick and easy hand reflexology techniques to do on themselves or a loved one. This is a great way to support and maintain your own well being.


If you would like to purchase a personalised hand reflexology tutorial to do at home please contact me to discuss.


Hand reflexology to help migraines











Hand reflexology to help sleep