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Combination Foot and Facial Reflexology  (75 minutes) - £85

Can't decide if you'd prefer to have foot or facial reflexology? Well why not have both! This amazing 75 minute therapy starts with a sleep inducing 20 minutes of facial reflexology followed by 40 minutes of relaxing foot reflexology. By choosing this combined treatment you not only get the deep, restorative results of reflexology but also the rejuvenating qualities of a facial. 

As with any reflexology appointment you must first have an initial consultation (this includes a treatment) where we will go through your medical history and reason for treatment. 


A typical combination treatment starts at the head with a gentle massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp before a cleanser is applied to the face. This is removed with a hot towel (eye make-up is not removed), before a facial oil is applied to the skin and the facial reflex points are stimulated. This is very gentle and extremely relaxing often lulling clients to sleep. At the end of your facial reflexology the skin is refreshed and wiped clean with rose water. *

After the facial treatment it is the turn of your feet. The client remains in a reclined position as the therapist transfers from head to toe. A hot towel is applied to the feet followed by a beautifully smooth and scented reflexology wax. The reflexes on the feet are then stimulated, as they were on the face, and in accordance with your medical history to help bring balance back to the body.

* Before any facial I check for any skin allergies or sensitivities and show you the products that I use to ensure they are suitable for you.

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