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Maternity reflexology (60 minutes - £60)

Pre-conceptual reflexology

Reflexology is a fantastic way to prepare your body for conception. It is a deeply relaxing, non-intrusive complementary therapy. Not only does it help to reduce your stress levels and support your well-being but it can help to regulate ovulation and balance hormones in the pre-conception period. Pre-conceptual reflexology is available to both men and women to ensure that both partners are in the best possible shape for conceiving.

Reflexology during pregnancy

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy. It is considered perfectly safe and may help your body adjust to the major hormonal changes that it is undergoing. Many Mums-to-be find it gives relief to some of the less pleasant symptoms experienced during pregnancy, for example morning sickness, heartburn, swelling in the legs and ankles, constipation, high blood pressure as well as reducing emotional stresses. 

Can I have reflexology in my first trimester?

There is no evidence to suggest that reflexology can cause miscarriage but it would be all too easy for a mum to feel that the treatment has contributed to a pregnancy ending. To avoid doubt, many practitioners suggest starting reflexology after their 12 week scan. The specialist training I have received means that I am happy to treat in the first trimester with signed consent from Mum but this will be agreed with the client on an individual basis. 

How often should I have reflexology during my pregnancy?

I recommend monthly appointments until 36 weeks. Your first appointment will include an initial consultation where we will go through your medical history, in particular your pregnancy. After 36 weeks weekly appointments are recommended to prepare the body and baby for birth and encourage a timely labour. 


Can reflexology induce labour?

Unfortunately there is not a button on the foot that I can press to induce labour. However reflexology is considered beneficial in encouraging things along. This is because it puts Mum in a relaxed state and helps to stimulate the hormones needed for labour.

Can reflexology turn a breech baby?

Reflexology can be extremely helpful in turning breech babies. I myself was told at 35 weeks that my baby was breech. I did not like the sound of having an ECV where they manually try and turn the baby by applying pressure to your bump so I decided to give reflexology a go. Rather than a painful ECV I enjoyed a blissfully relaxing reflexology treatment that resulted in my baby turning round! There is a short window in which reflexology can be used for this purpose, as if left too late there is no room for the baby to turn and done too early the baby may turn back. Seeking treatment between 35-38 weeks is ideal but also dependent on the size of baby and mum!

Post-natal reflexology

As wonderful as it is bringing life into this world, having a baby impacts greatly on a woman's physical and mental health. Reflexology post-natally can encourage recovery from birth and help you to regain your natural balance. It can support milk production, engorged breasts, backache, sleep problems, constipation, boost energy levels, normalise hormone production and reduce anxiety and stress. It is never too soon after giving birth to start having reflexology. Baby can come to your appointment. Many Mums feed their babies whilst having reflexology or have their babies sleep on their tummies whilst receiving treatment. A relaxed Mummy often induces a relaxed baby.

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